We’d like you to meet our lovely range of Dips…


Say hello to our 11 delicious dips – 3 chunky dips, 7 houmous, a pesto and a peanut satay. They are all freshly made and are chilled. No artificial flavourings or colourings are added; just pure ingredients to compliment and inspire. We sell throughout the UK.


Chunky Dips

Chocked-full of chunky ingredients, each of these dips have a vegetable base; we then add crushed cashews and real Parmesan shavings to give you more of a mouthful!

Our imaginative mix of ingredients guarantee these dips are a taste revelation.




These dips recreate authentic middle-eastern recipes that are tantalizing and flavoursome. Prepared simply yet imaginatively they are packed full of natural goodness containing large amounts of protein, dietary fibre, vitamins and iron, and no artificial flavourings or colourings. Healthy AND tasty – what could be better!

All Houmous Dips are suitable for vegetarians and are Gluten Free.




Bursting with delicious, fresh ingredients, this yummy Basil Pesto is packed with herby flavour, cashew nuts and Parmesan cheese.e also have a new yummy Vegan Super Pesto!

Perfect with pasta or as a topping for salmon or chicken breasts – yum!

Gluten Free.



Peanut Satay Dip

A delicious peanutty treat! We have combined peanuts, coconut milk, lime leaf and just a wee hint of chilli to make a creamy, smooth dip perfect for prawns, chicken skewers or just a big bag of tortilla chips to dunk in!.